New signs highlight DART’s commitment to a nonsmoking environment

Editor’s note: This story appeared in the January 2016 edition of Inmotion.


Nonsmoking DART passengers, who are irritated by those who do, are seeing increased signage discouraging this activity on light rail platforms and at bus transit centers. Smoking, including vapor cigarettes, already is prohibited at these places, but it’s a rule that is sometimes ignored – or not known.

New, strategically placed “No Smoking Beyond This Point” signs, as well as outlined zones on facility maps, leave no doubt that the entire main platform is a smoke-free area.

“Other new signs will remind patrons that security cameras are in use,” said David Ehrlicher, DART’s assistant vice president of program delivery.

The numerous and prominent signs also will make it easier for DART Police to enforce the rule and reduce maintenance costs associated with cleaning up discarded cigarette butts.

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3 Responses to New signs highlight DART’s commitment to a nonsmoking environment

  1. Rick Smith says:

    Signs are pointed in the wrong directions, such as North/South when people come from East/West. At hospital stations the signs are overhead when they should be viewable while seated. The cameras in use is a nice touch, butbI see people smoking in front of the cameras at Baylor, Parkland and Inwood stations, and next to the big signs doentown at West End station. I have only ever heard the loudspeaker used one time to tell someone to stop smoking, in the tunnel at Cityplace. When police are out, they huddle in groups instead of patrolling. How about issuing citations for smoking. Your signage is inadequate.

    • Mark Christian says:

      No smoking at D.A.R.T. station needs to be a law, not just a rule. And strictly enforced. Smokers don’t care if it effects any one’s health. And if confronted they will attack with very pro-fain language. Until someone dies from this issue it WILL be ignored.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      DART Police Officers regularly patrol all our platforms, but if ever you feel uncomfortable or witness any suspicious or criminal activity please call DART Police at at 214-928-6300 or text the keyword DARTpolice to 41411. Thank you for reaching out.

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