DARTable Guide to the No Pants Subway Ride

The ImprovEverywhere No Pants Subway ride is this Sunday. The event, which began in New York in 2002, now takes place all across the globe, including in Dallas on DART. Find the who, what, where, when and why details over on the Dallas No Pants Subway Ride Facebook page, but in the meantime get some tips and tricks about riding DART sans slacks below.

• Download GoPass! Pockets are at a premium and GoPass stores your transit pass on your phone. It can also help plan your trip downtown.
• The event starts near Union Station and the nearest park and ride stations are Market Center Station, Mockingbird Station, MLK, Jr. Station and 8th and Corinth Station.
• We’re all having fun, but please don’t disrupt passengers or violate DART’s Code of Conduct. This includes: no consumption of alcohol, no disruptive behavior, no littering, no interruption of the operation of the vehicle and please, please, please, please keep those privates private.

Have fun and stay warm! Enjoy the ride? Check out our DARTable page to find other fun places DART can take you (with or without pants).

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