News bits: DART Board called ‘smart’ for adopting policy changes

Tuesday, the DART Board adopted policy changes easing the requirement for new cities to contract DART’s services.

The 8-5 vote allows new cities to contract for services, but keeps full membership as a target. Current policy mandates a vote to join DART in the fourth year of contracted service. Now, in that fourth year, cities will be required only to have a plan for future membership.

In an editorial posted Dec. 8, The Dallas Morning News calls the plan “smart” saying the vote gives DART an opportunity to keep building.

The planning that went into what would become Dallas Area Rapid Transit started long before the 1983 election that drew a line between what is now 13 member cities and everyone else. And even the wisest planners will tell you that their best-laid plans are merely a framework, ultimately no match for actual demographic shifts.

The vote opens the door for DART to begin discussions with interested cities about providing some transit service. Visit to read the complete editorial.

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