News bits: Belo Foundation pledges $30 million for parks near DART in downtown Dallas


Belo Foundation has announced a $30 million contribution to aide in the completion of the downtown Dallas parks plan. That plan includes the construction of four new parks in downtown accounting for 17 new acres of green space. Three of the parks will find themselves very near, or even across the street from DART properties.

Carpenter Park: This 8.7 park is direct east of DART’s Central Business District East Transfer Center. It will include increased green space and space for recreational activities like basketball or skateboarding.
Pacific Plaza: This park is less than a block away from DART’s St. Paul Station. It will integrate the existing Aston Park and include underground parking.
West End Plaza: This small park is two blocks away from DART’s West End Station and will include a water feature, bandstand and bar or café.

Read more about the entire parks plan and where you can expect to see new green spaces in downtown Dallas at

Belo Foundation pledges $30 million to complete downtown parks plan [The Dallas Morning News]

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