DART, Lyft collaborate to give North Texans more transit options

lyftdartlogoDART and ridesharing app Lyft are announcing a collaboration intended to give North Texans more transit options and better flexibility in the beginning and ending of transit trips. Customers sometimes need a convenient way to start or end their trip. That’s where ride sharing services like Lyft come in.

“We’re pleased to work with Lyft. Our customers want choices,” DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas said. “If we’re going to stay relevant as a transportation provider we have to offer options so they can make a complete trip whether it’s for work or fun. Lyft is a great way to help them begin or end their trip if they’re not right next to a DART stop or station.”

“When people have reliable, affordable alternatives to driving alone, they’re more likely to leave their cars at home,” said Emily Castor, Lyft’s Director of Transportation Policy. “We believe public transit and ridesharing are the perfect match. Many passengers already use Lyft to get the last mile to or from transit stations, and we’re excited to partner with a forward-thinking agency like DART to make that even easier for Dallas residents.”

The Lyft app can be accessed through DART’s GoPass℠ mobile ticketing application in the “Travel Tools” section. Just select “Connect 2 Car” in that section. DART is making your Lyft experience even sweeter—get $5 off your first 10 rides using the code DART. After downloading the app, enter the code DART into the ‘Payment’ section, then request a ride.

Lyft is the third ridesharing option to collaborate with DART. Uber and Zipcar have been helping customers make a complete trip.

By closing the gap between transit stations and the doorstep, Lyft expands mobility for all and makes DART easier than ever to reach.

Lyft information is available at Lyft.com and DART information is at DART.org.

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