DART to get dibs on Proterra’s first 35-foot electric buses

Electric bus 1

The 40-foot version of the Proterra Catalyst bus is seen at Convention Center Station.

Electric-bus manufacturer Proterra has unveiled a new, 35-foot version of its Catalyst bus and announced that DART will be the first public transportation agency to receive the new all-electric bus.

In an announcement last week, Proterra said the new buses provide “nimble maneuvering and enhanced automated features, including collision avoidance and traction control in a smaller model for dense urban areas.”

This is especially important for DART, because we plan to use the Catalyst buses on the D-Link route, which travels though the dense areas of downtown Dallas and Uptown.

“We believe in staying at the forefront of transit, so Proterra’s high performance zero-emission electric buses were an easy decision for us to make. These buses will give our riders and drivers the most modern bus transit experience on the road,” said DART president and executive director Gary Thomas.

DART was award a $7.6 million grant for seven all-electric Proterra buses and the infrastructure to charge and maintain them earlier this year.

“The overwhelming success of our 40-foot Catalyst bus continues to drive new demand. We’re pleased to have Dallas as our first customer as they redefine their urban core and invest in a Smart City vision, prioritizing infrastructure, mobility, and connected living,” said Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra. “With Texas’ growing wind capacity, we’re pleased to provide a complementary clean mobility solution that will help Dallas improve its local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

DART expects delivery of the new electric buses in late 2016.

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