Throwback Thursday: Streetcars & The State Fair of Texas


Fairgoers have been relying on DART Light Rail to take them to and from The State Fair of Texas since the Green Line opened in September of 2009, but more than seven decades earlier fairgoers were still relying on public transportation to take them to the annual event.

The above photo, courtesy of the Dallas Parks Department, shows the scene in front of Fair Park in 1936. Streetcars roamed up and down the area where DART tracks now reside. Streetcars roamed the streets of Dallas from the late 1800s until they slowly dwindled and were gone by the middle of the 20th century. Check out the historic video below which captures the streetcar life in 1953.

Image credit:
Video Credit: Johnnie J. Myers

Learn about taking DART to the State Fair of Texas at

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