DART Art: White Rock Station pays respect to a beloved park



White Rock Lake, more than a century old, is one of the gems of the Dallas parks system and includes a 1930 boathouse, museum and other amenities built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a federal program funded during the Great Depression.

The station, which is nearby, pays respect to the park’s beauty and the affection it has inspired in generations of Dallas residents. Heavy landscaping includes a cornucopia that covers the walkway and a miniature “spillway” of lush greenery along the boarding platform that references the lake’s old reservoir spillway. Platform columns echo its boathouse features.

In addition to the parking lot entrance, the station includes a pedestrian stairway, facing Northwest Highway, specifically for the convenience of riders visiting the park. A retaining wall features a cascade of earth-toned stones with pockets of greenery growing among them.

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