Ronnie Holley, Jr.: Leaving the suburbs, experiencing the city

Ronnie poses with a supersized GoPass at a TRE event in July.

Ronnie poses with a supersized GoPass at a TRE event in July.

Ronnie Holley, Jr., is a junior at Lancaster High School and has spent his summer interning in DART’s marketing department. Today he writes about his experience.

My friend Greg and I spent June riding our bikes through Desoto. We knew Desoto like the back of our hands. We had even given some of the more common landmarks nicknames like “The Doom Bridge” and “Creepy Ghost House.” Eventually, we ran out of town. No, we didn’t run away (my mom would kill me), but there was nothing left to explore. It bothered me because I always had a taste for adventure and exploration and Greg was the same. But, what was there to do when you’ve seen the whole world? That question was answered a few days later.

I was connected with a DART internship through the THR!VE program at Friendship West Baptist Church. I had been searching for paid internships during the summer so I could learn while making money. DART contacted me via e-mail and said I would have to commute to Downtown Dallas for the internship. At this point I knew I was about to be thrust into a new experience.

Never in my life had I been to Downtown Dallas before. It was pretty far, and driving there every day would cause insanity. Learning that DART was a public transit agency, an idea popped into my head. What if I took the bus to get to my internship?

I didn’t know what to expect riding the DART bus. I had preconceptions that the buses wouldn’t be clean and the people would be mean. To my surprise, the 206 bus driver was extremely helpful and the bus was very neat and tidy. The other passengers were very nice and offered help whenever I needed it.

Downtown Dallas is beyond my expectations, it’s incredible. Skyscrapers taller than any building from the suburbs stretched into the sky and high-fived the clouds. People hurried to get to their destinations. Me, being one of them, had to get to my job, too! But not before I took the time to explore the city.

For example, I took the D-Link to the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. What really stood out to me was the architecture of the buildings. They didn’t look like your typical modern buildings, but were more historic.

Through DART I was able to explore outside of the area I had conquered with my bike. It allowed me access into a new world, a new world that I could explore. It opened a door to a new realm that I could adventure in. DART empowered my discovery, so maybe it could empower yours.

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