News bits: Congress passes three-month transportation bill extension


Lawmakers in Washington are beginning their August break, but not before taking care of some last-minute patchwork on an extension to the transportation bill that ensures money continues to flow to highway and transit agencies.

From the Associated Press:

Lawmakers said they hope the 3-month patch — the 34th short-term transportation extension since 2009 — will be Congress’ last. It extends the government’s authority to process aid payments to states through Oct. 29. Without congressional action, that authority would have expired at midnight Friday.

The bill also provides $8 billion to shore up the federal Highway Trust Fund through mid-December. The fund’s balance was forecast to drop below a $4 billion cushion necessary to prevent disruptions in payments to states in early August.

Follow the link below to read more about the long-term bill the Senate passed leaving in the hands of the House to consider this fall.

Congress Passes 3-Month Highway, Transit Aid Patch [AP via Mass Transit Mag]

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