From East Dallas to the Coolest Stuff in Texas: The story of DART bus 4434


DART’s bus 4434 roamed the city racking up more than 600,000 miles over the 12 years it was in service for Dallas Area Rapid Transit. After it was retired and auctioned in 2012, one would suspect this old bus was ready to live a relaxed, retired life drinking iced tea and playing dominoes with the other old timer buses. That’s definitely not the case. Bus 4434 is about to begin its second life as an RV and mobile office for The Coolest Stuff in Texas, a site dedicated to finding and writing about the coolest things this state has to offer.

“It feels like another member of the team,” said Evan Faram.

Evan, along with brother Hayden Faram, Ben Thevenet and Jordan Lee are the brains and brawn behind The Coolest Stuff in Texas (CSTX).

DART comes into play because CSTX was tired of crashing on couches, cramming into cars and mooching Wi-Fi off of coffee shops to keep the site going on the road. To solve this problem, the group bought DART’s bus 4434 from limousine-business owner Gareth Long, who had previously purchased the bus from an auction.

The plan is to convert the bus into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom mobile office and RV equipped with Wi-Fi, a kitchen, television and more. The team is looking for help to get enough funds to complete the project and get out on the road.

From the Kickstarter page:

We have reached a critical make-or-break point in the life of our company and need a little push to get us over this hill. One of the reasons that a crowdfunding campaign makes so much sense for us is that, community is what CSTX is all about. The places we go, the videos we make and the stories we write are not only about, but from the Texan community. If our project is crowdfunded and our content is crowdsourced then we have a community of users that share a bond much deeper than money. Up to this point we have stretched our own funds to support the expenses it takes to create a website like this and keep us on the road, bringing you stories. These Kickstarter funds are needed to complete the conversion of the bus and grow The Coolest Stuff In Texas into a recognizable and respected source on life in Texas.

The team has already framed the inside of the bus, removed the air conditioner, installed a plumbing system, converted the starter to electric and more. They still need to finish out the inside, replace the four rear tires and beef up the electrical system (including installing solar panels) to power all of the gadgets. Learn more about the project and how you can support it below.

See pictures from the bus build.
Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign.
Learn about the bus.
Check The Coolest Stuff in Texas website that this bus will support.

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  1. mary says:

    Thisis really cool! It is fun to find out that busses have after lives!

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