News bits: Pope Francis talks importance of public transportation

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Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church, last month released a 192-page paper discussing climate change and other environmental issue. One passage in the paper is notable to DART and its passengers:

The quality of life in cities has much to do with systems of transport, which are often a source of much suffering for those who use them. Many cars, used by one or more people, circulate in cities, causing traffic congestion, raising the level of pollution, and consuming enormous quantities of non-renewable energy. This makes it necessary to build more roads and parking areas which spoil the urban landscape. Many specialists agree on the need to give priority to public transportation. Yet some measures needed will not prove easily acceptable to society unless substantial improvements are made in the systems themselves, which in many cities force people to put up with undignified conditions due to crowding, inconvenience, infrequent service and lack of safety.

On the issues of crowding and infrequent service, we’re hoping our D2 Project will address some of these matters. Which alignment do you think the Pope would prefer?

The Pope’s wise advice on traffic, parking and public transit [Washington Post]

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