Update: DART Rail resumes normal service

Updated, 3:00 p.m.:

DART Rail repairs are complete. Red and Orange line trains are resuming normal operations. It will take some time for us to get back on schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Original entry:

Customers using the Red and Orange lines should anticipate delays through mid-afternoon while we continue making repairs to the overhead power lines near Arapaho Center Station. More than two miles of overhead power lines between Spring Valley and Arapaho Center stations were damaged Tuesday afternoon and are being replaced.

Red Line: Single-tracking between Galatyn Park and LBJ/Central stations on the Red Line. Anticipate delays.
Orange Line: Only operating between DFW Airport and Pearl/Arts District stations. Customers going to DFW Airport should connect with the Orange Line at Pearl Station. Anticipate delays and possible required transfers.
Green and Blue lines: Not affected and operating as normal.

Thank you for your patience.

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6 Responses to Update: DART Rail resumes normal service

  1. Meat says:

    You guys need to sort this out. I’m tired of paying you for service i can’t use. this is 2 time in 2 weeks…

  2. DART partion says:

    I am confused… If it is only the power lines, and both the Red and Orange lines go in the same direction from West End to Parker Rd, then why was it necessary to halt the “north side” service on the Orange line? Thise only made the ridership on the already crowded 2-car trains even more so.You’ve had power line issues that tied up the Cityplace and Mockingbird station lines that affected the Red, Orange, and Green, moving them to one track in those areas.

    • It is for traffic control. The cars are having to “single track” along a very large stretch of track. This makes a train have to pause to wait for another traveling the other direction to clear the area before proceeding. Fewer trains traveling through the area results in less jams around the affected stretch of track.

  3. DART partion says:

    Red, Orange, and BLUE… sorry…

  4. anialed legahnov says:

    I work a mile north of Galatyn. I have seen one South Bound Red Line in slow transit in the last 6 hours.
    Where are the repair crews? Were any repairs made last evening?
    Hang on Dart Riders. It’s going to be another long trek south.
    And Good Job, DART. You never cease to disappoint me.

  5. Dart Rider says:

    When is the last time DART management rode the trains?

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