Ever dreamed of owning a DART bus? Now’s your chance


DART is currently auctioning off hundreds of old buses that roamed the streets of the DART service area for the past decade-plus.

As we learned about earlier this month, DART is required by law to auction old buses to the highest bidder. This auction is for 1998 to 2002 year NOVA buses. These buses were phased out of regular DART service after we began replacing our fleet with compressed natural gas buses from NABI.

The bidders are usually other transit agencies, but don’t be surprised to see an old DART bus at the bottom of a lake!

What would you do with an old bus? Bus camper? Tailgate machine? Paintball obstacle? You’re at the mercy of your imagination for possible uses.

Start your bidding and learn more at LoneStarOnline.com. The online auction ends on May 3.

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4 Responses to Ever dreamed of owning a DART bus? Now’s your chance

  1. I would use the dart bus to take to underprivileged students On tours around Dallas and the local Metroplex area.

  2. Ernie says:

    Would be great if some non-profits could purchase one.

  3. Jill Brooks says:

    If it had a handicapped lift, I would use it to provide after hours and weekend transportation for senior living facilities.

  4. DuckDuckGoose says:

    Two words, my hipster friends:

    Food Truck


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