Dallas Streetcar Flashback: See Dallas’ streetcar map from 1925

Dallas’ first modern streetcar begins service this week and in recognition we’re taking a look back in time when streetcars were the premier method for travel across Dallas and the North Texas area.


Ninety years ago, the public transportation map in Dallas looked a little different. More than 20 streetcar lines traversed the city and other electric railway lines stretched north to Sherman and Denison and south to Waco.

Dallas’ first electric streetcars hit the road in 1891. They replaced some steam- and animal-powered vehicles from the previous years. By the 19-teens, there were more than 20 different companies running electric streetcar lines through the city. For the convenience of many, these companies began merging until they finally formed the Dallas Railway Company in 1917. This map was produced by that company and highlights more than 20 lines that traveled around Oak Cliff, downtown, Uptown, Cedars, East Dallas and more.

Click on the map above to see a larger image and stay tuned this week for more flashbacks to North Texas’ original streetcar system from the late 1800s and first half of the 20th century.

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