Ask DART: Can DART Police pull me over?

Twitter user @kariloveexxii posed a question we receive pretty regularly: “Can the DART police pull you over for speeding if you’re not on dart property?”

The answer? Absolutely.

More info about DART Police:

DART Police officers are licensed peace officers of the State of Texas who have all the rights, privileges, obligations, and duties of any other peace officer in the state of Texas while on the property under the control of DART or in the actual course and scope of the officer’s employment. The law enforcement power granted to DART Police officers is subordinate to the law enforcement power of a municipality in which the power is attempted to be exercised.

If you’re not on DART property, but driving recklessly and posing a danger to the public, DART Police will absolutely pull you over. The exception is that DART Police will then contact the local municipality (Dallas Police, Garland Police, etc.) to follow through with issuing infractions or any other consequences.

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One Response to Ask DART: Can DART Police pull me over?

  1. X says:

    So, if DART cannot issue the ticket where do they derive the authority to make the traffic stop in the first place?


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