Destination DART: The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

Elementary and more! The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is bringing Baker Street to Downtown Dallas and one of the most famous literary detectives to life. Step into his world at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Guests will be given an opportunity to solve an original murder mystery in the style of Sherlock Holmes!

First brought to life in 1886 by Sir Author Conan Doyle, the legendary detective used his amazing powers of observation to solve cases others couldn’t. Doyle’s books changed the way real police procedures and lead to the development of modern day forensics.

The exhibit recreates Victorian London and allows guests to work side-by-side with Holmes. They can see manuscripts, publications, in addition to film and television props and costumes. Visitors can learn how the great detective solved cases and put themselves to the test with the chance to solve the crime!

To get to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science take the D-Link Lamar and Broom, then it’s just a short walk to the museum. The exhibit is in town from February 12th – May 10th. Ticket prices are $10-12  for the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, but entry also requires General Exhibit Hall Admission.

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