News bits: Low gas prices affecting DART; Flexible TOD footprints


How do the low gas prices affect DART’s ridership and service? And are transit companies like DART selling their transit-oriented development short? Two stories look into these topics. See the snapshots below and click through for more information.

Why DART Isn’t Worried About Low Gas Prices [KERAnews]

Generally where we see the impact is when gasoline prices go up, our ridership goes up. The other thing that continues to affect ridership is employment. When people are working, they’re riding. Interestingly enough, this time, as gasoline prices have gone down, our ridership has continued to grow.

What Does Living ‘Close’ to Transit Really Mean? [CityLab]

A study group led by planning scholar Arthur Nelson of the University of Arizona analyzed the impact that proximity to a light rail station had on office rents in metropolitan Dallas. They found that a quarter of the rent premium (“not a trivial amount,” they submit) extended nearly a mile away from transit.

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