DART distributes service plans for severe winter weather


In anticipation of the possibility of severe winter weather, DART has unveiled two operating plans to better serve our passengers and our system.


The two plans deliver the widest range of service possible and restore full operations sooner by limiting the number of vehicles that might have to be abandoned because of an unplanned service termination. These plans will help customers minimize the risk of spending extended time on out-of-service vehicles while DART staffers work to rescue them and help them continue their trips.

Scenario overviews:
One: DART Rail will operate limited rail service mostly within the LBJ loop.
• Red Line: LBJ/Central – 8th & Corinth
• Blue Line: LBJ/Skillman – 8th & Corinth
• Green Line: Farmers Branch – Lawnview
• Orange Line: Irving Convention Center – LBJ/Central
Passengers traveling to or from stations not included in the service plan will utilize shuttle buses to connect between stations.

Two: DART Rail will cease operation entirely. Shuttles buses will serve all stations.

Under either scenario, DART bus routes will operate on their normal Saturday schedules, plus implement limited service on Routes 63, 362, 206, 208, 210, 221, 234, 278, 282, 283 and 509.

In the event either plan is necessary, notices will be placed on DART.org and sent to local media outlets 6-8 hours prior to start of service on the day of implementation.

For specific details about both scenarios and bus routes, please visit dart.org/winterweather.

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