Video: APTA explains why you should be a voice for public transit

The American Public Transportation Association is recruiting individuals for its Voices of Public Transit citizen advocacy movement. The recently released video above explains why. Learn more about the movement here.

Public transportation is a crucial piece of America’s transportation system. Public transit benefits everyone—even people who don’t ride. Affordable, reliable public transportation:
• Connects people to jobs, education, and other community services
• Creates opportunities for people who might not otherwise have them
• Reduces air pollution
• Eases traffic congestion
• Boosts overall economic growth
• Expanding our public transit infrastructure will enhance our entire transportation system and improve our quality of life. Citizens who ride will have more options for reaching work, school, medical care, shopping, activities, and other services, and everyone will reap the benefits of increased local economic activity and improved travel experiences. America’s future is riding on public transportation.

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