New downtown Dallas outdoor venue, museum gives nod to former DART artist

508 Park was build in the late 1920s as a Warner Bros. Exchange Building where movies were screened and music was recorded on a third-floor recording studio. Many decades later the historic building is on its way back and includes heavy artistic involvement from a former DART-commissioned artist.

Those that ride the Green Line around Deep Ellum are very familiar with Brad Oldham, but they may not know it. Oldham is part of a team that designed and built “The Traveling Man” sculptures around Deep Ellum Station. Now, Oldham has a heavy hand in the revitalization of 508 Park.

From The Dallas Morning News:

[Last] Friday also marks the public debut of The Birth of a City, a work created by Dallas artists Christy Coltrin and Brad Oldham. (Oldham helped create the massive Traveling Man in Deep Ellum.) The work is installed at the Encore Park Sculpture Wall adjacent to 508 Amphitheater and is made up of 10 bronze sculpture panels telling the history of Dallas up to the 1930s.

Oldham and his wife will also be organizing a sculpting program called “Sculpting the Future” at an on-site studio and art gallery. Learn more about that program in the video above.

Historic 508 Park Makes Debut After Decades Of Quiet [KERA News]

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