Tell us: Do you think DART bus service is adequate? If not, how could it be improved?

Various DART buses prepare to depart for service in the early service hours.

DART buses prepare to depart for service in the early service hours.

DART wants to hear from you!

Since adoption of the 2030 Transit System Plan in 2006, the region has continued to experience rapid growth. As DART prepares to update the Transit System Plan to the year 2040, we have determined that a phased approach to the development of this plan would be beneficial for our current and future customers.

Introducing the Comprehensive Operations Analysis. As part of the COA, we’re analyzing every bus, shuttle, on-call and flex routes to find and identify opportunities to improve and increase efficiencies. DART normally hosts community and public meetings and open houses to solicit community feedback about the changes, but we with COA we’re adding a digital approach as well.

We have launched the website to engage the community in discussions about DART transit services. We encourage you to visit the site and join the conversation. Thank you for your participation!

About DART Daily

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) gets you around 13 cities with rail, bus, paratransit, and rideshare services. We serve DFW International Airport and Fort Worth via the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). The service area consists of 13 cities: Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and University Park.
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4 Responses to Tell us: Do you think DART bus service is adequate? If not, how could it be improved?

  1. Preston Huff says:

    I’ve noticed on a few of the light rail cars, for example car 206, that the bike hangers appear to be upside down. For example, car #243. The ‘hook apparatus’ faces towards the outside of the car. Whereas in cars like #206, the hook apparatus seems to face towards the center of the car. This prevents a bike from being hung. I also see that the flip up seats, as like in cars like #243, have been removed. I can understand the seat removal, but I don’t get why the hooks were made to no longer hang a bike. Personally, I don’t care for the new configuration.

  2. Andrew Knight says:

    I use the DART trains and the busses every day. I have no car. I believe the service is good; however, the overall experience would be more positive if DART would enforce the rules regarding no loud music, no eating, drinking, or smoking on DART property. Issue citations like other cities do. The trains and busses would be cleaner. I really don’t appreciate second-hand smoke at the train and bus stops. And get the homeless out of Cityplace station. Thanks

  3. Manuel Valero says:

    Bus #39096
    Route 011 Cockrell Hill TC/ Bexar ST

    Needs a good scrubbed down on these sticky floor.. Feels like your walking on gum.


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