A rough ride home

Thursday afternoon’s storms caused lots of damage to many parts of our service area. It tore up trees, knocked down power lines, damaged homes. Many of us are cleaning up this morning. It also made a mess of a commute whether by personal vehicle or transit. In spite of our best efforts to deal with the loss of power in some areas, downed power lines and trees on tracks, we couldn’t get you where you wanted to be when you wanted to be there. Suspending service for any length of time is a difficult decision. We know it was the right call for customer safety, but we also knew it would take time to recover and get you moving again. We had most of DART Rail in service by late evening and we had all but one small section operational this morning. We are sorry for the disruption and thank you for riding DART.

About DART Daily

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) gets you around 13 cities with rail, bus, paratransit, and rideshare services. We serve DFW International Airport and Fort Worth via the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). The service area consists of 13 cities: Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and University Park.
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8 Responses to A rough ride home

  1. Dawn Harden says:

    I completely understand that weather causes situations beyond anyone’s control. For that I don’t fault DART. However, I do fault DART for the poor communication at CityPlace station when myself and many other passengers were forced off a train car we had been standing in downtown for an hour and a half. No guidance by any DART employee was given to those passengers as to which exit to take to the shuttles that were waiting upstairs. After a long trek up to the street we were told to go back all the way down and go out the other exit on the other side of the highway. This caused mass confusion and irritation among passengers as well as a safety hazard. In all the confusion, myself and two other passengers chose to rent an Uber service car to take us down 75 to Bush Turnpike Station at 7pm (after having left at 4:30pm). It cost us $60.00 for that ride. I would really implore DART to have employees at each station to give guidance to the passengers in situations such as these. Thank you.

  2. Carmen Brown says:

    My experience was similar to Dawn; however, I was not smart enough to take Uber and I did not arrive home until 9:20pm last night (4 hours later than my normal arrival time). I agree that DART cannot control weather; however, I do expect better communication and better contingency planning. In addition to exiting CityPlace on the incorrect side of the street and having to go back down and come up the other (where the excalator and elevator were out of service), I stood on the street for over an hour waiting for a bus to take me to LBJ/Skillman as I had been instructed by DART personel. After an hour, a DART employee told us the trains were running again and directed us all back downstairs. Upon arrival, a large group of people had just been told to get off of the train and go upstairs to the shuttle. So back up we went. Once upstairs, we proceeded to wait for a shuttle that never arrived when a DART text message stated the shuttle was running from MOCKINGBORD STATION to LBJ/Skillman and that we had to rebaord the train and go to MockingBird. I was able to take the bus to Mockingbird Station. At which point I exited the bus to wait for another bus to take me to LBJ/Skillman to reboard the train. Eventually I was directe dto get on a bus going to Lake Highlands and told that they would take us to LBJ/Skillman after they stopped at Lake Highlands. Since all of the stop lights were out, this process took almost an hour. Once I arrived at LBJ/Skillman, I baorded the train which procedded to sit for almost 15 minutes without moving. Finally at 8:35pm we departed and I arrived at my car at 9:04pm. I arrived home at approx. 9:20pm, 5 hours after I got off work. I was able to sleep for less than 8 hours and then get up to return to work. Apon waking up at 5:00am, I had a text that Blue Lines were still down and that i would have to take a shuttle to Mockingbird and the train from there….I do not have 5 hours to get to work this morning, so I drove my car and paid $6 to park. I think DART should at least compensate me for my gas and parking. This is rediculous. I expect better contingency planning at rush hour on a weekday in a large metropolitan area. There is no telling what the fee would have been at my daughter’s daycare for a 9:00pm pickup… Thank goodness I had help.

  3. Mel says:

    Like the others, I appreciate the fact you have no control over weather situations. What you do have control over is how times like these are handled. This is the second time in as many months that there have been issues and passengers are sent off with no direction, and the little direction we have, is always wrong! BOTH times we were sent to walk from the train to a phantom shuttle, back to the train back to the same phantom shuttle. When the news has made it well known storms are coming in, take some time and make sure all back up plans are in place and ready to go. You can’t keep encouraging everyone to “Ride Dart!” when times like this make it no one’s first choice!!

  4. Jon says:

    I would agree that the biggest problem (other than the fact that the blue line seems to ALWAYS get the worst of a bad situation) is the lack of communication and instruction both from DART staff and the scrolling information on the kiosk at stations. I waited at Pearl Station for over half an hour for a blue or even a red line, but only green lines were coming through and each one would stand for about ten minutes before moving onward. All the while, the screen would flash a different message maybe once every 10 to 15 minutes or so. First, that shuttles would go from cityplace to LBJ Skillman; then that shuttles would go from cityplace to mockingbird. All the while, only green trains would come by. Eventually, the screen said that red and blue service were being suspended so i had little choice but to call my wife, have her arrange for someone to watch our baby and have her come pick me up from work. I’ve been riding DART trains to work for 5 years and for the life of me cannot understand why the communication and guidance is so poor.

  5. Gigi Hogan says:

    Yes, the weather was not in your control but getting your riders to their destinations was. You need to implement a better plan for times like this. There was no one on the platforms to inform the riders
    on what to do. Finally after waiting 1 hour we see someone with a orange Dart jacket to tell us that the train was suspended and that we needed to go to the West Transfer Center to get a bus to take us to the Westmoreland Station. Get there and they don’t know that there was a shuttle so we got on a city bus that took you all around Oak Cliff to the Hampton Station. The station person there didn’t have a clue about a shuttle to Westmoreland. I arrived at my home at 8pm last night, this is not expectable. Dart, have meeting with your personnel and implement a disaster plan. This do happen but you must make sure that your riders are protected and arrive to their destinations at a decent time. Time will be changing and the bus is not a safe place to be for single women.

  6. Seriously says:

    It’s true that DART has no control over the weather, and yes they probably didn’t communicate well regarding a backup plan for unexpected weather that not only cost the passengers a long time to get home but DART a lot of complaints and money. However, I feel that maybe just maybe if you have issues with public transportation then maybe you should get a car. This is the risk you take when you ride the bus/train. You get home later then you would if you had a car but, by no way should we blame DART for this, if you had a car you still would have gotten home late cause of traffic and light being out. It unfair to totally blame DART for something no one was prepared for. I am not a big fan of DART but since I CHOOSE to ride the bus then I take the risk that comes with it.

  7. Shana says:

    Please, please, please, just communicate when trains are not running, when there is a problem, when trains are late, when there is another alternative, or when to make our own arrangements! This should be a text, or put in bold letters on your web site, so all riders will know what to expect. Many people depend on Dart daily & you should be dependable to let everyone know what is going on & what to expect! Basically, just let everyone know what is going on!

  8. Danny says:

    Dart is not a professional transportation company. It is just a jobs program.


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