Destination DART: Gilley’s Dallas

Gilley's Dallas

What’s a visit to Dallas without a good ole’ honky-tonk?

As you’ve probably figured out by now Dallas isn’t all cowboy hats and horses. In fact, most of us don’t even own cowboy boots.

Just about the only stereotype that is true about all Dallasites is that all of us know how to have a good time – thus the popularity of a good honky-tonk. Local workers back in the early 1900s frequented honky-tonks. They were bars that offered a cold drink and great, foot-stomping music after a long, hard day which quickly gave rise to the genre of music by the same name that lives on today.

The Mechanical Bull at Gilley's

The Mechanical Bull at Gilley’s

Today when most of us think of honky-tonks we probably think about the 1980s movie, Urban Cowboy (you know, the one with John Travolta). With good reason too! The bar featured in the film is actually Gilley’s built by country music legend, Mickey Gilley.
Sadly, the original Gilley’s is no longer around. The new location which can be found right here in Dallas and boasts 4 music venues, 2 private party spaces, The Jack Daniel’s Saloon and yes, even a mechanical bull.

Cowboys and girls can take DART’s Red or Blue lines to Cedars Station and walk about 7 minutes west of the station.

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