Search for houses near the DART Rail with Ebby Halliday tool


Searching for a home and wanting the convenience of easy access to the DART Rail? A new tool from local real estate company Ebby Halliday Realtors is helping with that search. The Rail Station Proximity Search on allows potential home buyers to input a rail station and search for available properties within a proximity to the station.

“Whether it’s frequent trips to the airport, commuting to your job at the Medical Center, shopping at Mockingbird Station, or enjoying the occasional concert at the American Airlines Center in Victory Park, with’s new Rail Station Proximity Home Search you’ll be the first to know about homes for sale – and for lease – near the rail station of your choice,” says Ebby Halliday Realtors VP and Director of Marketing Randall Graham told

Find the rail search tool here and good luck with your hunt for a home.

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2 Responses to Search for houses near the DART Rail with Ebby Halliday tool

  1. Pam Lassila says:

    I just moved to a big city and I don’t have a car! I am looking for a nice place to rent. I heard that town homes are good. And I like what this article brought up about renting a place that is close to public transportation since I’ll be using that often.


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