DART unveils reconfigured mobile website


A lot has changed since DART first launched its mobile website in 2007. The iPhone had just been released and the most popular cellphones came from Nokia and Blackberry and rarely included a touchscreen. DART has also grown its suite of mobile travel tools with “Where’s my Bus?,” “Where’s my Train?,” an improved trip planner and GPS-enabled DART stop locators.

With all of these changes, DART felt it was time to give its mobile site a visual refresh. The new m.DART.org is more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Day-to-day users and new visitors to the DART system (coming through the soon-to-open DFW Airport Station) will find a mobile website that’s easier to navigate and use.

To get the full experience, visit m.DART.org from a mobile device. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments area below.

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