APTA: More than half of summer vacationers prefer to use public transit during trip


According to a new study from the American Public Transportation Association, 58 percent of vacationers prefer to “travel like a local” and take advantage of public transit while on a trip.

Of those taking at least one trip on public transit while on vacation, more than 70 percent say because it is more cost effective and alleviates dealing with parking.

“Travelers have discovered one of the best ways to experience everything a community has to offer is to use public transportation,” said Peter Varga, CEO of the Rapid of Grand Rapids Michigan and Chair of APTA. “They don’t have to worry about driving and parking in unfamiliar locations, they have easy access to popular sites and attractions and their vacation dollars go farther, boosting local economic activity.”

Those trying out public transit on vacations are doing so for a variety of reasons including shopping, sightseeing, traveling from the airport and more. DART is taking advantage of this trend with the free D-Link shuttle and the soon-to-open connection straight to DFW Airport.


The survey also looked at the hottest travel destination where Dallas came in sixth.

1. New York 6. Dallas 11. Las Vegas
2. Orlando 7. Chicago 12. Los Angeles
3. Miami 8. Philadelphia 13. St. Louis
4. Washington, D.C. 9. Boston 14. Seattle
5. San Diego 10. San Francisco 15. Atlandta

Have you ever tried taking public transportation while on vacation? Where did you go and how was it?

Vacationers Prefer to “Travel Like a Local” Using Public Transportation [APTA]
Read the complete report

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