News bits: Arlington’s MAX grabbing headlines across the state


The Metro ArlingtonXpress (MAX) grabbed some statewide headlines this morning. The Texas Tribune, which is based out of Austin, took a look at the pilot commuter bus service and Arlington’s history with public transit.

Last year, the City Council unanimously approved a commuter bus line as a two-year pilot program, and six months in, the MAX (short for Metro ArlingtonXpress) has begun to draw riders. Supporters are optimistic that the service will prove popular enough to continue beyond 2015. But they are also hoping for something more: that the bus could shift local views on the value of transit and prompt the city to develop a more robust system over time.

The MAX was launched last year in a partnership between the City of Arlington, The T, DART, the University of Texas at Arlington and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Click below to read the complete story.

Afraid It Was Missing the Boat, Arlington Tries the Bus [Texas Tribune]

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