News bits: Add a bus stop to your diet


Short walks or jogs to bus stops or train stations can really add up and help lose weight, according to a column from Esther Cepeda, citing a recent study about ridership.

Short walks or jogs to bus stops and train stations may seem like small potatoes in the fight against obesity, but they can add up and make a difference. Consider that the American Public Transportation Association, or APTA, has announced the highest transit ridership in 57 years — 10.7 billion trips in 2013.

Ridership is up 37.2 percent since 1995, outpacing population growth, which is up 20.3 percent, and vehicle miles traveled, which are up 22.7 percent.

“The most docile activity is sitting behind the wheel of a car. If you can change that by just a few minutes a day, the impact can be quite significant,” said Sheldon H. Jacobson, a researcher at the University of Illinois.

So which of DART’s more than 12,500 bus and rail stops will you walk or jog to?

Click below to read the complete column and learn how improving the public transit infrastructure can contribute to the nation’s health.

Add a bus stop to your diet []

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