Photos: See some of the entries in DART’s 2014 Student Art Contest


See all of the winners of the 2014 Student Art Contest here.

Original post:

The submission deadline has passed and now it’s time to take a look at some of the most creative K-12 students in the DART service area. The theme this year’s art contest was “Off We Go” and students were asked to create a poster based around that theme. See some of the entries below.

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The judging process is underway and the teachers of the winners will be notified on Monday, March 3. The winners will also be invited to a special exhibition of the artwork at the Dallas Museum of Art. Details of that show will follow. Thanks to everyone that submitted entries into the contest!

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10 Responses to Photos: See some of the entries in DART’s 2014 Student Art Contest

  1. Liat says:

    When do we find out online who won?

    • Travis Hudson says:

      We will post as soon as all of the winners are notified. And that may be delayed a bit with many school districts having snow days today.

  2. Sandra Trevino says:

    can our children go and see all the pictures that where on display or is that just for the judges to see. This was our first time doing it and I want to show our students that it is possible to win for next year if they just put there heart into it..

    • Travis Hudson says:

      The winners will be on display at the Dallas Museum of Art later this month. We will post the specifics of the showing soon.

  3. Someone's Mom says:

    Have all the art teachers now been notified about winners?

  4. Alex says:

    My son is in 7th grade, but his drawing is on 9th-12th display wall in above picture. Please tell me what’s going on?

  5. Jane says:

    Can you give us an date estimate of when you will announce who won?

  6. Alex says:

    Ms, Lennon replied back to me within 24 hr. Thank you for the clarification and quick response.

  7. Megan Li says:

    have the results been posted yet?


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