News bits: Dallas architect left mark on DART stations


Stanley Jackson, Jr.

Dallas Morning News columnist Norma Adams-Wade wrote today about two men trying to make sure a Dallas-based architect is not forgotten.

“Some people get lost in the shuffle of history. But two Dallas men are stumping during Black History Month to highlight a Dallas-born architect who they say should be remembered for leaving his mark on the network of DART transit centers,” Adams-Wade says of the late The Stanley Willie Jackson Jr.

Fellow architect Clyde Porter and a historical preservationist, the Rev. Ray Barnett, have been lining up groups to hear their discussion about Jackson, which they feel will bring him more recognition. The men say Jackson’s 1980s schematics and prototypes led to the first 10 Dallas Area Rapid Transit centers and influenced the more than 30 centers that followed.

Porter was DART’s chief architect from 1985 to 1988 and now oversees architecture as Dallas County Community College District associate vice chancellor of facilities management and planning. He also co-founded a group of minority architects in Texas. While at DART, Porter said, he hired a team of African-American and Latino designers — featuring Jackson and his firm as architect-of-record — to develop concepts for the transit centers.

Click here to read the complete column and learn more about Jackson’s life and legacy.

Dallas-born architect left mark on DART transit centers []

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