Love a po’boy sandwich? You can thank public transit

A traditional Oyster Po'Boy from Wicked Po'Boy in Garland. (Credit: Pegasus News)

A traditional Oyster Po’Boy from Wicked PoBoys and Seafood in Richardson. (Credit: Pegasus News)

New Orleans food and culture is on the mind this week leading up to Mardi Gras, but did you know one of the notable foods associated with New Orleans is around today thanks to public transit?

The po’boy, which is a roast beef or fried seafood sandwich served on a french baguette, came to be when the New Orleans streetcar conductors and motormen went on strike in July of 1929, according to the Modal Citizen. Two brothers and former streetcar operators were running a restaurant at the time and fed the “poor boy” striking workers with free sandwiches.

More than 80 years later the sandwiches are a staple in the New Orleans area and can be found at many seafood restaurants throughout the DART service area.

Hungry yet? Find a po’boy at the following restaurants:
Wicked PoBoys and Seafood is a mile north of the Arapaho Center Station on the DART Rail Red Line
Alligator Cafe is in Deep Ellum two blocks south of the Baylor University Medical Center Station on the DART Rail Green Line
• Take the D-Link to Pier 247 in Oak Cliff

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