News bits: Transportation secretary calls for long-term bill

Anthony Foxx (Credit: U.S. DOT)

Anthony Foxx (Credit: U.S. DOT)

At a U.S. Chamber of Commerce transportation conference in Washington late last week, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called for a long-term transportation bill because a “one- or two-year band-aid won’t cut it this time.”

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) expires at the end of September and unless Congress acts, federal funding for public transit and other transportation projects could cease.

Foxx said the infrastructure deficit problem has been “akin to termites in the basement, slowly eating away at our foundation“ but he added, “Now it is a wolf at the door.”

The DOT secretary repeated earlier comments that the trust fund’s highway account could fall into a deficit position—and DOT could “bounce checks”—as early as August.

Foxx did not explain the specifics of the long-term bill he envisions, but he did tell attendees that a bill is needed to “reshape the transportation landscape” building onto MAP-21 and going further.

For DART, a long-term transportation bill allows for planning of larger transit projects such as a second light rail line through downtown Dallas.

Click here to read all of Foxx’s comments.

DOT’s Foxx Calls For Long-Term Transportation Bill [Engineering News-Record]

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