Ask DART: What’s with the next-stop information on DART bus digital screens?


With a goal of making riding the bus easier and friendlier, DART is gradually rolling out new technology that will display next-stop information on the LCD screens built into the new fleet of buses.

The chances are slim that you’ve seen the technology in action, but those that have are expressing interest.

So what’s with the new technology and when will I see it on MY route?

The next-stop information is part of DART improving the bus-riding experience for current and future riders.

We’re working with Plano’s Luminator Technology Group to link up DART’s route information database with bus screens and GPS system to display real-time next-stop information. As your bus travels along its route, the screens will display the upcoming three stops and a ‘Now Arriving’ notice when you’re arriving at a specific stop.

DART’s upgraded fleet of CNG buses that were introduced last year include two screens inside each bus making this upgrade possible.

Currently, the next-stop feature is installed on 17 out of the 654 buses in the DART system. We’re slowly rolling out the system to more buses and routes, but bear with us as it’s quite a task to get all of the systems linked up and fully tested to display the information for DART’s 12,500 stops.

Watch for this new feature being added to your route soon.

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2 Responses to Ask DART: What’s with the next-stop information on DART bus digital screens?

  1. Hopefully they will not black out and restart like they do on half of your busses. And I’ve noticed some of these screens popping up on trains too. That’ll be the single best thing for out of towners who never seem to understand our maps….

  2. Found this link on /r/Dallas today. Had to do a double-take when I saw my own tweet on here. Hilarious.

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