Transportation news roundup: Abandoned Miami trains, $1 million bus stop in Virginia

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On this day in transportation history:
1980 – Jimmy Carter authorizes a $1.5 billion bailout of the Chrysler Corporation.

Abandoned Miami train. (Silvia Ros /

Abandoned Miami train. {Silvia Ros /

What’s The Deal With Miami’s Abandoned Train? [Curbed]

An abandoned but intriguing set of obviously very old train cars on an unused railroad spur somewhere in Miami’s industrial hinterlands occasionally pops up here or there online, as a mysterious fascination of Miami’s urban explorers.

$1 Million Virginia Bus Stop Makes Top 10 List of Government Overspending [NBC Washington]

The bus stop — located near the intersection of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive — took 18 months to build, and was criticized not just for its cost, but also its roof design, which didn’t protect commuters from the elements.

LAX Immerses Passengers in Digital Media [Aviation Pros]

More and more, airports are becoming places where people linger to enjoy contemporary artwork as they pass through on their journeys.

In Hong Kong, Bus Fans Snap Photos of Their Favorite Models [WSJ]

Mr. Chan, an accountant, is one of Hong Kong’s thousands of bus fans, ranging from young students to retirees, who are enthralled by the city’s some 6,000 buses. They linger by bus depots and lurk near highway ramps, angling for the best shots.

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